Now Mobile Ready!

We’ve been making some big changes to the site in order to improve the experience as well as making it compatible with mobile & tablet devices.

And now it’s time for the first changes to be rolled out for all of you to enjoy! For now some areas of the site will still be showing the old style but over the next few weeks we’ll be improving more and more of the site.

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18 Responses to Now Mobile Ready!

  1. J&LC says:

    Really like the new bigger picture size on mobile. Looks good. Keep up the great work.

  2. elmano says:

    Great job and keep it up. Thanks, Elmano

  3. Darkeyes says:

    I can’t open any of the Uploads any longer ~ Even the soft core ones , and it seems to be very slow and times out , Could it be due to the Images on the Upload page being larger in the frame ?, Soo sad that i can’t see any of my friends new pics ~ Lynn

  4. CCsabu says:

    Cannot say I like the new look…..over the course of the day the cuties were changing every few minutes

    • Fiddler says:

      Which cuties are you referring to as we’ve not changed anything about the uploads etc? If you mean the profiles we’ll be seeing things that change your homepage dynamically before the year is out so look forward for that!

  5. stan8119 says:

    like the new page

  6. gooseguy247 says:

    Not big on the changes for the mobile device

    • Fiddler says:

      Before the site was not at all optimised for mobile the changes we’ve done allow you to not have to keep zooming in and panning around, this is something that is changing to work as we’ve done it across the web so expect lots of sites to follow suit if they haven’t already.

      If there are any specifics you have regarding what you think doesn’t work on mobile to tell us via our support and we can look in to improving it.

  7. lennyB2 says:

    Hi Gang,
    where can I find the payment pages please.

  8. rodimus48prime says:

    Very nice indeed….Not ready to download on to my Mobile Phone yet !!! :-)

  9. Mrs says:

    well hello Kelly hoppen….lmao….google her and what she does!
    Loving the new look and look forward to new changes which we have spoken about in the past!
    great job….keep up the good work!

  10. hornysensualg4u says:

    fantastic improvement now just need an app!

  11. elmano says:

    It’s really taken shape and I must admit that I like the new look!!! What is needed is for everyone take a bit of time and get familiarized with it then voila!!!!

    Thanks and keep it up !


  12. sparton says:

    Hi Gang,

    Great work on the mobile device update. Any chance that you’ll add a feature to remove pics? Seems a pretty basic feature. Can’t believe you can add mobile device feature but not the ability to remove pics.

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