iPad Tip: Using Chatroom & Viewing Videos

Lots of you have asked how you can watch videos or use the chatroom on your iPads and until now you haven’t been able to. We have now found a solution and it’s called “iSwifter”

This is a flash web browser for your iPad and you can find it at the iTunes Store – Click To View App

There is a free version that will allow you to test the app before you buy, but it’s limited to 10 minutes per day of usage. If it works for you the upgrade is very cheap, we love it and we think you will too.

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4 Responses to iPad Tip: Using Chatroom & Viewing Videos

  1. Miles Long and Lotta Hose says:

    Will this app work with iphone4

  2. auzboundal says:

    What about a samsung galaxy tab (android)- will this app work?

    • Fiddler says:

      Android usually performs far better with the chatroom without an app. As android is able to run flash and that is the software the chatroom uses. Please use the usual support methods of the site if you are experiencing any problems and we can try help resolve them.

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