Site Improvement: Fast Track Uploads

We recently sped up the upload process so your uploads would go live on your profile straight away but it was still taking 3 – 4 days before they appeared in the Softcore, Hardcore or Video sections.

We have now streamlined the process even more, so that the wait is less than 24 hours for uploads to appear in the main site sections. Now you will start getting all the feedback you want much quicker than ever before.

As ever we are always looking for more suggestions so keep them coming.

Keep Horny
Roc, Rev & The Gang

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2 Responses to Site Improvement: Fast Track Uploads

  1. HackettThePacket says:

    Nice move – good to see you are listening !!!
    …you know what two things i’m gonna say next maybe?
    Keep it up lads – the good work that is ;oP

  2. Franca says:

    Siete Fantastici.

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