More Site Improvements

We’ve made some more site improvements, this time to the upload process. Now when you upload Pictures & Videos instead of waiting 24 – 48 hours your uploads will now appear in your profile straight away without any delay.

You will still need to wait the normal time to see any uploads on the main sections of the site but at least they will be on your profile.

Please keep giving us your suggestions and any feedback, we can’t do this without you.

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7 Responses to More Site Improvements

  1. HackettThePacket says:

    Good feature lads but it would be nice if there was less of a delay from pics appearing on the girls’ profiles to appearing in the daily posts – more posts per day maybe?
    Hope you haven’t forgotten about the feature to delete an account or at least mask pictures when a member or guest ticks a box on their profile?
    … or fixing the chatroom scrollbar issue?

    • Fiddler says:

      We’re working on improving the speed between going live on a profile and the main section, but as a paying member you can see the items when they are on someones profile so now you also don’t have to wait so long when your friend uploads images to see their pictures.

      Your other points are of course in our list of suggestions and we will get through things as and when we can you can be assured of that!

      Thanks as ever for your feedback.

  2. Jengoe says:

    Great, thanks for the info.

    A couple of other things…

    1. Could you have a way of finding your highest position in the chart a set gets ? as sometimes it may get to the top and never know !!

    2. When replying / thanking people on comments on a post it would be useful to have a send message on the comment to allow speedy processing, like it used to be.

    Just a couple of ideas ???

    Many thanks


    • Fiddler says:

      That’s definitely a good idea to have some contact options in peoples gallery comments, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind as we make improvements to the site.
      As to the position sets get to, that is definitely something we’ve been talking about in the past so I’m sure in time it will appear.

      Thanks for your suggestions.

  3. páppý65 says:

    Is it possible to have a members only room plz, pvt chat is only good between two people, not good for group chat.

  4. páppý65 says:

    Another improvement that is needed, is to default to INFO (about) on profiles, wall would be second…

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