Our New Years Resolution

With 2012 ahead of us we’ve set ourselves a new years resolution to be bigger and better than ever before! but we can’t do this without you. So why not tell us what you like and don’t like about WWW and we’ll do out best to make it better for you. Click here to let us know what you think!

From Roc, Rev & The Gang

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14 Responses to Our New Years Resolution

  1. ceemark says:

    Would love to see a search by age feature.

    • The Gang says:

      This is something we’ve been thinking about for a while now, and is a possibility. It isn’t something that can be done quickly though as we don’t hold information on the exact age of each profile user yet so it would be something we’d have to phase in, I’ll make a note of it and discuss with the team.

  2. jbgiants says:

    would also love a feature that allows you to see who viewed your profile

    • Fiddler says:

      This is something we’ve considered in the past, the problem we see with this is that some people don’t want to let people know they are looking, so there’d have to be some real consideration into allowing people to opt-out of being shown as viewing others profiles. But then the question is how many would opt-out so would it be worth while if more people would prefer not to be seen?

  3. nicholas1 says:

    Can only shoot video in mp4 format which won’t upload ?

  4. reallynormal says:

    I do not like the fact that you cannot completely hide all your uploads from view. I understand the problems with deleting but surely it must be easy to set a flag like the flag that prevents your profile coming up in searches that says member ******* is feeling private at present. We go through periods of feeling exhibitionistic and periods when we are not.

  5. Nige says:

    Good idea ceemark…….how about a seperate page for the over 40`s to post to Roc ?

    Not many younger women would post as older and cheat… i would have thought.
    I know from the chatroom quiet a few fella`s would prefer to see the more amature posts that these ladies tend to do, somehow it seems to have lost it`s way sometimes with the young girls/models posting… which is a shame.
    Other than that i think it`s still a good site, works well, can`t remember it being down for years…apart from the odd chatroom glitch that i dare say you know about anyway, i`d leave it alone.

    • Fiddler says:

      This sort of idea would do better as a search feature rather than a separate page, unfortunately the only options we have related to age at the moment is the mature category. We’ve been discussing the ability to store peoples ages on their profiles for a while maybe if we do that we can provide the same function for uploads themselves.

  6. 2toplaycpl says:

    Would love to see a verified member section and have WWW make it manditory for all members to have a picture of themselves posted for a profile picture and at least one album of pictures or a video of themselves. What would also be nice is in the prizing structure or values separated. Have prizing wirth more for the members who put their all in (showing everything including faces). You would think that those should be worth the top prizing as opposed to those who block their faces. If the blocked ones qualify, it should perhaps be under a seperate catagory and their prizing structure or value should be worth far less than those who put their all into their pictures or videos.. Personally, we really don’t vote for anyone who distorts or colours out a face because we feel the ones who take the chance to show everything are worth that much more… Just our thoughts :)

    • Fiddler says:

      We have some plans already in play to try and push people to put profile pictures up be it thumbnails or uploads. Hopefully these changes will help improve the quality of the users on the site, however it is not something that we will force right yet but it’s definitely being considered strongly. In regards to the break down of prizes, it’s all done by voting, if the majority of users were in your position they’d refrain from voting for those who hide their faces. As this doesn’t seem to always be the case I’m unsure that we’ll make money changes. Although from looking at the previous winners during 2011 you can see the majority all show their faces anyway.

  7. seagull68 says:

    I find it frustrating that when you are looking at a posting, if you then click on the contributors profile you cannot then click “back” to get back to the postings…you have to go to the picture & video posting menu at the top and start again…any way of fixing that? This is just a minor issue on what continues to be a fantastic website!

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