Site Improvement: Changes to The Pictures & Videos

We’ve made some changes to how the pictures & videos are shown, we have grouped all the uploads into one place with an easy to use search facility. The search options still allow you to select just Softcore, Hardcore, Video or Willies if you wish to see one specific section.

As always we look forward to your feedback.
The Gang

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7 Responses to Site Improvement: Changes to The Pictures & Videos

  1. a1lmm1 says:

    prefered the old way guys!!!!

  2. Rogue trader says:

    Is it no longer possible to view the hardcore section like one use to be able
    Kind regards
    Rogue trader

  3. n1lilart says:

    Thank you for the improvements that you made to the site I am not a full member but would like to be able to view more videos that you post of the people who make video of the month I would like you to change it to video of the week so Iwould beable to view more videos hope you like my idea and make that change.

  4. Dumfriesdoormat says:

    I really can not get on with this new set up,it is such a long winded way to find something,please can we have the old system back.

  5. rvette01 says:

    I liked the old way alot better. Just my 2 cents

  6. Judy1 says:

    I prefer the old way too

  7. Judy1 says:

    We dont have facility to search by year now, we were looking for something last night.

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