September Chatroom Quiz

This Saturday 24th is quiz night in the chatroom starting at 10.30pm UK time. As usual it will be hosted by Mrs & Judy1 and the lucky winner will receive a WWW ‘T’ shirt so don’t miss out it’s always good fun.

The Gang

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4 Responses to September Chatroom Quiz

  1. Pleasing4u says:

    Good luck all inthe quiz tonight, looks like I will have to change this crap iPhone for something that I may join In. Ya tar all xx

  2. Mrs says:

    hey everyone…what a fantastic night it was in the chatroom and an even better quiz.Some of the answers were really a bit weird but way too funny which had people bad with laughing!!Thanks to all who joined in…you certainly had myself and Judy1 kept on our toes and also thank you for the nice comments we received.
    The winner of this months quiz who will receive a WWW t-shirt was….drumroll…42ukcouple..well done to you!! T-shirt on its way to you!
    A big thank you to all who joined in…….dont forget every last saturday of the month @ 10;30 pm uk time a chance to win a WWW t-shirt!
    Thanks to all the gang here at WWW for supporting us!!
    xxxxxxxxxxx the quiz mistresses (mrs & Judy1)

  3. Mrs says:

    hey everyone…dont forget this saturday is your chance to win an exclusive www t-shirt by entering this months chatroom quiz (saturday 29th october 10;30 pm uk time start) The winning member will receive a www t-shirt courtesy of the gang on here.
    Myself and Judy1 will host the quiz with mrs tinkerbell helping us to keep an eye open on the scores on the doors!
    Come on in and have a laugh and enjoy yourselfs!
    xxx the quiz mistresses

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