Site Improvement: Alerts

Once again we’ve taken on board your comments and have improved how you receive your alerts such as winks, uploads and more. You now have a separate section within your messages to hold the alerts as many users found it confusing to have alerts and messages appearing in the same place. Not only has this made it better for you visually, we’ve also made some changes to speed up your loading times for the site and mainly the message system.

As always we’d love to hear your feedback and any other comments about the site you may have so we can continue to improve things.

The Gang

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8 Responses to Site Improvement: Alerts

  1. HackettThePacket says:

    Hi Gang,
    Thanks for the separate Alerts link – a very useful feature as the inbox can get a bit chaotic!!

    Can I make a further suggestion relating to the Messaging features?

    It would be soooo much easier to pick up a thread of conversation with my friends individually if I could view messages sent and received JUST for that friend…

    Maybe you could add a link from each of the My Profile/Friend list entries and/or below each of the thumbnail array entries displayed by the See All link under My Friends on my profile page.

    Let me know if this suggestion is useful/achievable?


  2. The Gang says:


    Thank you for your suggestion. We will take this into review!

    Kindest Regards

    The Gang

  3. thebich says:

    You Have Done Well ! I Like It Lots’ Much Better! Keep Up The Good Work!

  4. tinkerbell3 says:

    Hi gang me & mrs tink still loving the site & having great fun like some of the changes but getting a bit fed up with some problems with the chatroom such as not showing cam icone when people have them on & if you click on peoples names on the left hand side your get stuck with the box on the screen & my one pet hate is when it says people are on linewhen thay are not would it be possible to put a automatic time limit soif people arnt doing anything on the site it canccels them out & if thay are still doing things thay will just have to click on something on a site page to carry on many thanks mr & mrs tinkerbell xxxxx

  5. The Gang says:


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will look into this further.


    The Gang

  6. SANTOS O. J. says:

    I agree with HacketThePacket’s suggestions: it will facilate the comunications between the guys and girls. I’m new here, but I’m sure you’re doing your best to improove our contacts. In time: I hav’nt at the moment a credit card, neither checs, but I asked the paper for post payment. Thank you.

  7. walker3 says:

    i notice in the alerts when someone goes live you can get several messages saying the same thing for the same person. Surely we only need to be alerted once they have pics gonr live not the message several times over .

  8. bobwol says:

    Would it be possible to have a IM function?

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