New & Improved Profile Search

As part of our continued efforts to make your experience on WWW the best it can be we are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved ‘Profile Search’.

You are now able to use the Basic Search for the more generic searches but if you use the Advanced Search you can really dig deep amongst our users and find those that suit you perfectly. We’ve also now included options to show only profiles with uploads which will help you find pictures and videos from a specific type of user really easily.

The Name Search feature allows you to put in a specific name of someone you may have seen on the site before to locate their profile or search through all we have to offer alphabetically.

We’re not finishing there though, we are currently working on providing the option to search by Most Viewed as well as giving you a Quick Search area to makes things even faster!

As always we look forward to hearing your feedback.


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14 Responses to New & Improved Profile Search

  1. BBW mature lover says:

    I like the new seach options but i think it would be useful to search for body type (slim, medium, bbw) and age group (18-3, 31, 40)

    • The Gang says:


      We’re glad you like the search and will take your ideas into consideration as we’re always looking to give you guys what you want.

      Kindest Regards

      The Gang

  2. seeall says:

    hi i have been looking for Fit Cindy but she never comes up on serch ,can you help thanks Seeall

  3. Davy 66 says:

    Hi, just a little point – as quite a lot of people are bi, why don’t you have a selection where we can choose to look for bi of the sex we want.

  4. kanga says:

    How can you find out who is “online now”, as before?

  5. The Gang says:


    To do this you should see a blank tick box “online now” under the section heading who are.

    Kindest Regards

    The Gang

  6. kanga says:

    Thanks, Gang :)

  7. Mr Splurter says:

    Hi Gang.
    I liked the old feature of being able to see the newest profiles on here but it seems the only way to search this now is by last online or nearest. These don’t necessarily show the newest in date order I.e if someone has added themselves today.
    Any ideas on this?

  8. silvis321 says:

    i like x

  9. rjhorny1 says:

    changes are good but need to be refined

  10. pussyeater420 says:

    love it

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