Chatroom Quiz Winners

The ever popular quiz now takes place on the last Saturday of the month at 10.30pm (UK Time) and we will be giving away a WWW ‘T’ Shirt to the lucky winner!

If you have any questions pop in to the chatroom and speak to the organisers Mrs or Judy1 who will be more then happy to help you!

Don’t forget to check back to this post to see the winners and start getting involved yourselves!


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11 Responses to Chatroom Quiz Winners

  1. chieftwo says:

    Any idea what time that is in the eastern usa?

  2. gottago says:

    My goal to win the quiz is not on a very good track at the moment. haha, But DAMN! it is a great time! thanks to Mrs., Judy, and The Gang for all the laughs :)

  3. gottago says:

    A comment to chieftwo, it’s at 4:30 pm central time, so if my thinkings right should be 5:30 eastern

  4. badboy22 says:

    Why thank you…..we celebrated in style [WWW way!]. Look forward to next quiz. A big thanks to the girls who make it possible. xxx

  5. joyfull227 says:

    can isee your sexy ladys

  6. Judy1 says:

    A great big thankyou to Mrs for organizing the weekly quiz, it wouldn’t happen without all her hard work.

    Many thanks to all who take part and make it fun, you give mrs and I many laughs with some of your answers. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………..what is the fascination with penguins?…………………….LOL.

    Thankyou also to Roc and WWW for your support for the quiz.

    Judy xxx

  7. Mrs Tinkerbell says:

    To all who run the quiz,

    I have my T shirt…….. many thanks……i cant wait to wear it, and take some wet t shirt pics to post.
    Watch this space. Maybe i’ll try to win another one for Mr Tink lol.

    Thanks again all
    Mrs Tinkerbell xxxxxxx

  8. badboy22 says:

    Thanks girls…promise we will watch from the sidelines next week! xx

  9. Mrs says:

    Hiya everone!!! As from this saturday(27th August) the chatroom quiz will be held on the last Saturday of every month where the winner will receive a WWW t-shirt as first prize.Myself and Judy1 do the quiz starting at 10;30 uk time in the chatroom!Everybody is welcome to join in with the winner is guarenteed an exclusive WWW t-shirt!
    Hope to see you all there for a fun and sexy quiz!!
    xxx the quizmistresses!

  10. Mrs says:

    Hiya all…well as it was the first monthly quiz and loads of people entered the quiz …the outright winner and winning a WWW t-shirt was …..drumroll……Nemesis.Well done to you and congratulations!!Dont forget that every last saturday of the month @ 10;30 pm uk time myself and Judy1 do a 15 question quiz with the winner receiving an exclusive WorldWideWives t-shirt courtesy of all the gang on here! If you require any more info about the quiz etc either message myself or Judy1. A big thank you to everybody who joined in and thanks for all the nice comments both myself and Judy1 received and thanks to the gang here at WWW for their continued support!!
    xxxxxxx the quiz mistresses (mrs & judy1)

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