Chatroom Quiz Night

It’s quiz night every Saturday evening starting at 10:30pm UK time in the chatroom, why not drop in and have some fun.

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6 Responses to Chatroom Quiz Night

  1. StevieP says:

    Great quiz night, Mrs! I look forward to doing a little better next week! xxx

  2. cowboy29 says:

    We were the 1st lucky winners to win a t-shirt in the quiz on chat. Going to do some pics wearing the t-shirt so keep an eye on our profile xx

  3. Blackron says:

    Lots of fun! Great questions! Some of the weirdest answers I’ve ever seen. See if you can outsmart your chatmates…..

  4. tinkerbell3 says:

    well done girls thank u xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. gottago says:

    Another fun quiz last night lol, once again I bombed, but Hey! thats 90% of the fun : ) lol A great big ty to MRS and Judy and lots of (((HUGS))) . Great job you two, and I really appreciate your time and efforts put into it.

  6. golf3 says:

    Just a quick note to thank Judy1 & Mrs for a brilliant and funny quiz,well organised and funny to boot.Not been here too long but enjoying my time here.
    Thanks to you 2 for making saturday nights a laugh.Keep up the good work both of you!

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