New Pictures and Videos Page!

We’ve improved the way that you can now browse our 11 years of uploads. Now, as well as seeing the latest uploads as normal, you can search by content, title and the person who uploaded it!

You can go to the “Pictures & Videos” menu or click here to have a look. Please feel free to send us any feedback that you may have.

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30 Responses to New Pictures and Videos Page!

  1. Saucy Tramp says:

    Ok so what happened to freeview + ???

  2. Pascal45 says:

    great pictures, great models enjoying to pose.
    Go on like this !

  3. fernandez says:

    this pictures all are very fantastic

  4. Here2XiteU says:

    Like the new look on searching, only one problem, now you can’t see what the next day will be bringing. I look forward to that everyday!

  5. JaneyJay says:

    Can you still see Tomorrows pics?

  6. ADDER says:

    Yeah nice idea rather than just a name.

  7. johnnybigpants says:

    What happened to freeview Not as good or as easy to find todays posts!!!!!

  8. Pins n Heels says:

    Sorry Guys not convinced with the new lay out. If your away for any length of time its difficult to see what you may have missed or who. Prefer the old screen that has highlighted post visited.

  9. fernandez says:

    i need to always

  10. Jenks says:

    The basics of the upgrade are OK but you cannot see when the pic’s were posted so no record of what has been posted since you last looked, could really do with a header between each days postings or a label to say what day they were posted.
    No preview of tomorrows pic’s for paying members as there used to be,
    Have to say I preferred the previous layout which could have been improved with a preview link for each days posts.

  11. spanman says:

    Not impressed with new upgrade guys. How can I access the archive? As a fairly recent newcummer to the site I was slowly working my way through all the old postings. Definitely preferred the previous layout – it worked well. Why change it?

  12. dreamcum2 says:

    We liked the previous layout much better. We can’t see what post are coming tomorrow, or what we have missed in previous dates. Also if we want to go back in time there is no date on the pages to use as a point of referrence. This is our opinion on your new picture and video page layout. You have a great and entertaining website please keep it easy for us to navigate! You guys rawk, we believe you will listen to us and work it out!

  13. nem says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the comments. I’ll try to answer a few of your questions here.

    Why change the layout: We wanted it to be more graphical rather than just seeing lots of text & allow you all to be able to search through everything with more ease. Hopefully you agree that you can find what you want to see quickly & easily.

    Freeview+/ tomorrows pictures: We don’t have this any more with this new format. The reason for this is that members can view uploads on peoples profiles before they go into any of the main picture & video sections. You can see some of them a few days in advance of everyone else & there should be more of it to see.

    Todays posts: These are always going to be on page 1 of which ever section you are looking at. If you have looked at an upload already you should see a tick on the picture to show you that you’ve seen it (although this doesn’t work in Safari or Chrome browsers).

    Archive/ dates: Would it help if you could specify dates to search with as well as the type of content that you wanted to see?

    Keep the comments coming please!

  14. curly3 says:

    Love the new layout guys

  15. peps says:

    Seems like more of a downgrade than an upgrade guys……..Sorry
    Because it dosent seem as though the Members where taken into
    consideration !!!!! as it seems we do not get any privilege’s than
    none members…………take for instance freeview + tommorows pic

  16. Jenks says:

    Biggest issue with the new layout is not being able to see when the posts were made as often only check the posts once a week but can no longer see what was posted last Saturday and then work forward from there. Have to guess now, my PC does not keep history for any browser so cannot see what I have already viewed.

    Would be much better is you could have a header between each days postings or failing that a date showing against the thumbnails.

    Personally feel the upgrade is a step backwards, you had a great standout site but not so sure it stands out so well from the crowd now, lots of sites just show thumbnails with no easy way to see what was posted when. A daily preview link like on Voyeur Web would have been a great improvement, just think it is less user friendly now.

    A search may be a compromise way round this but why not just use a simple date tag or header as that seems to be the main issue I and several others have with the new layout, we just want to see what was posted each day.

  17. horny28 says:

    prefered the old layout

  18. dreamcum2 says:

    Sorry guys but I disagree with you. It was much much easier to navigate your previous layout. I think most ppl (fans) like checking out your new post rather than a categorical search. You didn’t have too much text on your previous layout in fact it was about the right amount. Kudo’s to your previous designer that design was a winner! Bummer to lose the Freeview and tomorrow feature.

    But to keep the cummincation here objective, yes it would be immensely helpful to be able
    to search archieve post by date. It seems to be a common consensus here that searching previous post by date is sorely missed.

    I have a little backround working with web designers. I know how much work it is to change layouts and navigation. So it is very appreciated that you work on improving your site.

    Good luck! Hope you don’t change your winning formats too much or too often. Most people usually prefer simplicity over an abundance of features! Thank you for actually taking the time to respond to us that is just down right cool of you!

  19. Kel9 says:

    why change something that was working………….what is it they say “if its not broke dont try to mend it” dont likeit at all

  20. thewatcher says:

    Why fix something that was not broke. You must be either Tory or liberal voters.
    Plus as it has been pointed out not every use is web savvy.

  21. J-UK says:

    Totally agree with thewatcher,
    Sorry guys but you have messed up, new format is a backward step and frustrating slow!

  22. chriswhite says:

    Being able to search by date posted is worth adding, even if it is of limited use. It’s easy to code so why not? People seem to want it. ;-)

  23. chriswhite says:

    Oh and thanks for making it possible to search in profile and gallery names, that was a sorely missing feature before. Big thanks!

  24. latex couple says:

    put it back to how it was this new format is not good like to see what is coming the next day

  25. thewatcher says:

    What about doing monthly payment for those who cannot afford to pay 6 months in advance.

  26. bavaria says:

    hi guys,im sorry but the upgrade is no good,the previus was a lot better and easyer,please go back to the old version

  27. Nylonswearingman_89 says:

    i prefer it. down side is not being able to see competition winners on freeview anymore

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