New Quicker Uploads

Driven by your feedback we have speeded up the approval process for your uploads. We now aim to get your uploads live on your profile within 24 hours, although this could take a little longer at busy times and weekends.

Your uploads will still take the normal 3 to 4 days to appear in the Softcore, Hardcore & Video sections for the monthly competitions. But at least this way you and all your friends who are members get to see them almost right away.

Keep giving us your feedback and we’ll keep improving your experience.


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6 Responses to New Quicker Uploads

  1. Naughty 'n' Nice says:

    Thanks for letting us all know, It did need clarifying as it was causing some confusion for members and non members x

  2. islandleather says:

    This is a great website. lots of cool people with great pics, Keep up the great work.

  3. rimmma says:

    amazing place!

  4. mikeylikesit60 says:

    I really enjoy the warmth and friendlyness of all you fine people who have replied to me. Thank You and I hope everone has a very merry holiday….

  5. Cockdeluxe says:

    Perfect For Placer

  6. Miss Fiona says:

    Great site always lots of nice comment All the best to the gang Fiona x

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