New WWW ‘T’ Shirt Competition

The New WWW ‘T’ Shirt competition start November…..

We want to see you all getting up to no good in one of our WWW ‘T’ shirts, the hotter the better. These will be voted for as normal by the viewers but we will be giving out extra points for the most daring places we see our ‘T’ shirts.

So why not go shopping, or get naughty in a doorway or car park, the more public the better, you know what we like to see.

Rules:- All picture sets and videos featuring a WWW ‘T’ Shirt will automatically be entered in to the ‘T’ Shirt competition. All entries will also be automatically included in the normal Wife of the Month competitions for either Softcore, Hardcore & Video. So as well as the special ‘T’ Shirt competition you also stand a chance of winning the normal monthly Wife of the Month competition.

Lets see you all.


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