Fiddler’s Fav’s 26th October

As part of the WWW Gang I am heavily involved in the runnings of the site, and as such get the opportunity to see the majority of uploads that come through the doors so to speak.

I thought I’d let you in on a few of my favourites from the past few days!

Softcore Fav is….. Adrianna (click here to see more of her)

I think she is gorgeous and looks like she’s always having a good time!

Hardcore Fav is….. Kylie (click here to see more of her)

Kylie’s been about within WWW and The Wives Club a fair amount recently and she’s in regular contact with us. I definitely love what she has to offer!

Video Fav is….. slutwifekaren (click here to see more of her)

She’s sent in a couple of great videos recently, they were very good to watch so I hope she sends more in very soon!

They are my current top favourites but I like so much more than just these 3.
Everyone keep all the good uploads coming!


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